Get a Tutor


Music Lessons at the comfort of your homes.

What To Expect

A professional instructor will arrive at your home at a preappointed day and time each week. Material from the previous lesson will be briefly reviewed, then new material will be introduced. You'll learn exercises to develop playing technique and music theory knowledge as well as practical skills such as ear training, sight-reading and notation to give you the confidence to explore the style of music you prefer. You'll also learn how to play real songs, and your teacher will be happy to work your favorite music into the curriculum. At the end of the lesson, your instructor will provide you with material to practice before your next lesson.

Your First Lesson

Before your first lesson, your instructor will phone you to introduce herself and confirm the day/time and your address. The first lesson is a real lesson, not just a "meet and greet." The instructor will assess your current level and ability, and a curriculum will be developed that is customized to your individual needs and interests. You'll be given material to practice for your second lesson

After Your First Lesson

We're sure you'll love your instructor -- students always do! We strive to provide you with personalized service to match you with the perfect teacher, and we guarantee you'll be impressed: After your first lesson, if you're not satisfied for any reason, you'll have the option to either meet a new teacher or cancel and owe us nothing.

Who Are The Perfect Students

Teachers affiliated with our program have taught a lot of students, from three years old up. Some had never played an instrument before and were literally picking it up for the first time. Some were advanced musicians preparing for performances or auditions. We feel it's never too early or too late to start, and there's always something new to learn!


Lesson rates vary according to the type of lesson and duration. For more information on rates, check Plans and pricing


Where will the lessons hold?

Lessons would be held in the comfort of your home. All lessons are delivered offline and in-person. ​

How much does it cost?

Lesson cost will depend on the duration of lessons and the number of students. You get discounts for multiple students. ​

How do I pay for my lessons?

You can pay securely online or via bank transfer. You don't have to pay for lessons until we have found your perfect Music tutor and you're ready to begin lesson. We closely monitor lesson delivery and support you in case of any emergencies. ​

How do you ensure quality and safety?

Our music teachers have undergone various screening phases including offline and online identity verification, and Music competency assessments. Only the bests were hand-picked. We also facilitate criminal background checks on behalf of clients, and request two reputable guarantors especially for students under 18.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes there is. If you're not satisfied after the first lesson, we will replace the tutor at no cost to you or refund your balance.