Commencement of Online Music Classes.

Hello there!

I trust that you are well and I hope you’re staying safe this period. 

In a bid to further engage your children in fun and productive activities and ensure that they do not become rusty and out of practice.  You should consider enrolling them for online music classes this period. At Home Music School, we want your children to be very smart.

What’s more interesting is that ALL ours lessons are going for HALF the price! as we are aware of the financial stress this lockdown may pose to businesses and families.

Lessons would be done via Zoom. Kindly visit the Appstore or Playstore to download. 

Please be aware that the following would be needed for every lesson. 
• Musical instrument
• Any suitable device for video calling
• Reliable internet access
• Printer

Remember to stay safe and follow all WHO prevention guidelines and other safety  measures.  

Peace and life’s richest Blessings.


Online music School for kids

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