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Started by a Teacher, Operated by a Teacher

We are always looking for qualified music teachers. We LOVE our teachers and screen applicants thoroughly to find teachers who love teaching!

How does it work?

Home Music School is an online tutoring agency that connects approved music tutors with clients looking to hire their services.
For you to teach with us, you must have previous experience teaching people either formally or informally - whether privately or in an institution, and have a strong track record of producing results. You must also be excellent at relating with people, be able to verify your identity and pass all our assessments.
Our teachers come from all walks of life. Some are teachers from various schools, others are working professionals and trainers who love to share their knowledge, while some are exceptional post-graduate and undergraduate students. If teaching is your thing, then join us!

How much do I pay to register?

The service is 100% FREE. The clients pay us directly and we pay the tutors.

How much do I get paid?

First time tutors get a 70% commission of the tuition that we charge the clients.
We retain a commission charge (between 20% - 30% depending on how long the tutor has been working with us) and pay immediately the tutor completes and submits lessons.
We will deposit your earnings directly into your bank account as soon as the lesson is completed. We'll ask you to link your bank to your profile, so that once you complete the lesson and submit it on your dashboard; you'll receive payments within 24 hours.
No more chasing customers for money and We are 100% certain that all legitimate classes held by a tutor would be paid for.

Where would the lessons hold?

Lessons would hold in the homes or offices of the client or at a location you agree with your client.

How do I start?

Once you apply to teach with us;

❖ You would be asked to fill your personal details.
❖ You would be asked to fill your banking and social media details.
❖ Once those details are verified, you would be asked to write a test on your choice instrument.
❖ Once verified, a subject profile would be generated for you and shown to clients interested in hiring your services.

This entire process would take between 24-48 hours

How quickly would I get a client?

Most tutors get a client within 7-21 days after completing their profiles.
However, this varies depending on the demand in your location (Locations of high demand includes: Lagos Island, Lekki, Ajah,Ikoyi, Victoria Island Ikeja, Surulere, Magodo and other high-end locations), the instrument you teach and your availability.
If you complete your profile on time, and add your subjects then you're more likely to get clients faster.